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- Lately: LXVIII -

- Lately: LXVIII -

This week was an eternity. All good stuff!


I FREAKED OUT. Thank you to my fiancé and mother-in-law because now I can edit photos, video, and the blog on-the-go! YES. Has anyone else used the Touch Bar yet? I can't wait to use it with Final Cut.

Getting so much use out of these Levi's cutoffs. Love the oversized look.

I did a review on this Maybelline primer back in the spring and forgot about it.. Primer is something I always struggle to remember that I actually own ;) I wore it on a day to the beach because it's SPF 30 and blurs pores - it was worth a shot! I actually wound up loving it. I definitely recommend. I put some links below for you.

Have the best weekend, lovelies! xx


I'm trying Crest white strips for the wedding - are you girls fans? Which BTW is 3 months from today! Are there any better brands out there?


My best friend got me these German Shepherd pajamas. If you know me you know my love for my Hannah Banana. And her dogs too!

- My Favorite Shorts -

- My Favorite Shorts -

- Travel Workwear -

- Travel Workwear -